The Bears.

So what’s up with that team name? Who or what is the BEAR?

A while ago someone told us that in the parts of the world we will be going through, bear attacks are a thing. We were quite concerned about this from the very start of our Mongol Rally preparations. To the point that the whole bear thing became some kind of weird running joke. Apparently, if you are in a forest somewhere in Russia and you don’t store all your food and rubbish in a hermetically sealed container, the bears will smell it from miles away and come to raid your camp. Continue reading “The Bears.”

The Mission.

So, what is all this then?

We are Team unBEARable – Eslie, Zsolt, and Timur. Two dudes from Hungary and one half-Russian/half-German guy. We are still working on the official team photo. In the meantime, please find some mugshots below.

We are one of the teams on the Mongol Rally 2017. This means we will be driving 10.000 miles through a lot of countries called ‘stan, all the way to Mongolia. We will attempt this crazy trip in a tiny 1993 Suzuki Swift with an even tinier 1.0L engine that we bought for a few bucks from a Hungarian scrapyard – to raise money for saving the planet. Continue reading “The Mission.”